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Kristin Gurri



Some days I’m a fiber artist creating Snarks from felt and coffee beans.  Snarks are hypercaffeinated, Guardian Spirits for sarcastic souls who emerged from a week of stress crafting in November 2016.  Since then they have taken on a life of their own and traveled around the globe with sarcastics young and old.  I love the blanket stitch because it binds two ragged edges into a neatly put together package.  Don’t we all need that some days?  


Some days I am a woodworker, building practical or impractical objects.  My practical objects enable other artists to create, and include cradled panels of all size, shadow box frames, floating frames and other custom builds.  I am always eager to connect with new artists who would like my support bringing about their visions.  


Tumi ishi blocks are impractical and enchanting.  I carve them from blocks of locally sourced wood, chasing the grains with each facet to showcase all the beauty beyond the edge grain.  The tumi are fun to precariously stack, or turn over in your hands like turning thoughts over in your mind.  Just like people, Tumi blocks go together in more than one way and can be quite surprising.  

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